Systems Savings Solutions

70 years of experience combines with innovative and emerging technologies to create Bally Refrigeration's award winning suite of Systems Saving Solutions. Designed to meet the needs of today's refrigeration professional, these technologies allow you to reduce environmental impact, reduce energy use, increase systems efficiency and more.



Limitrol+ combines various technologies into a responsive system that floats head pressure, saving energy and reducing environmental impact.
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Provides a conveniently centralized package for compressors, electrical and controls, allowing for maximized merchandizing space.
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Simple, innovative EC motor technology offers significant energy savings through an award winning patented system configuration.
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The award winning Quiet Unit is designed for refrigeration duty, and ideally suited for applications where space limitations, energy efficiency or sound levels are of concern.
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We have the equipment and expertise to help you respond to needs of our ever-changing industry.

Our customizable line of commercial refrigeration equipment is ideally suited for applications that require systems to be strategically placed.

Responsive evaporator controls that provide energy savings by significantly increasing system efficiency over mechanically controlled systems.

Improved Efficiency, Reduced Sound Levels, Speed Control, Simplicity and Reliability.
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